Because it’s my husband’s birthday, I have to watch the season premiere of WWE Raw.  On top of all that, I have my period, so I have cramps so intense I couldn’t even explain if I tried.

I was talking to one of my friends about my budget today and he said he thinks my husband and I are too strict on our budget.  Isn’t the point of the budget to be strict?  If we weren’t strict on our budget, there wouldn’t be a budget at all!  We’d be getting into more debt with no savings.  We have no concept of money management without our budget.

It’s hard to tell people that they are misguided, when I’m misguided myself.  My money situation is less than ideal.  How can I tell people the right way to do things if I’m only just figuring it out myself?  The only thing I can tell people is to pay off your credit cards as soon as you get paid.  Don’t put things on those credit cards that you can’t pay off immediately.  This is the second time that I’m paying off my debt!  I’ve been through this before and still ended up here again.  

I’ve been reading, recently, about personal finance.  It’s interesting the way that people describe budgets.  Right now, we’re paying cash for groceries.  Each week, I take out the same amount of money regardless of what was left from the week before.  Dave Ramsey is a name you’ll hear a lot if you really start diving into the personal finance game.  He believes in no debt.  No debt is a great concept, but it’s not realistic.  I can be debt free, for a short time, but there will always be another bill to pay.  And you need a credit score.

The gentleman who came up with the concept for YNAB describes the budget as a tree and all the things you want to buy are the fruit.  I can agree that I’ve been paying too much attention to the fruit recently, and tending less to the tree.  My tree was a bit dead.  About $49k dead.  So back to the drill.  Back to watering the tree.

Ugh.  I’m going to have to watch this whole show.