Today, I am sad to say I did something I have never done in my 25 years of life: I called out of work because of menstrual cramps.  It started last night with some of the most severe cramps I have ever experienced in my life.  Thankfully, I’m a salaried employee, otherwise I would be entirely too concerned about getting paid to miss a day of work.  I was curled up in the fetal position when I asked my husband to just kill me, end it all!

No such luck.  Woke up this morning to even worse cramps (that I didn’t even know were possible) and a stacking migraine.  I emailed my boss and copied the HR manager from my bed.  Eventually, I did get up because I was ravenous and in desperate need of coffee.  I made my coffee, applied to another job that will probably turn me down, if they respond at all, and had to go back to laying down.  Sitting was extremely uncomfortable for me.  I’ve never had pain like this before.  I laid back down in bed and stayed there.  My husband eventually rose and made me some eggs and brought me some Advil.  I’m not much of a pill-popper, which should tell you something.  Also, I’m the kind of person that once out of bed, stays out of bed, unless I’m really sick.  I couldn’t handle the pain this morning.  Thankfully, the Advil worked and I am able to almost pretend that I’m not in pain.

My husband is working selling vapor for my brother-in-law’s company during the day.  At night, he works at the front desk of a hotel.  He is not happy to be working two jobs at the moment, but any advancement we can get financially will help in the long run.  He asked why I didn’t get a second job.  And I said something insensitive.  I’m a fairly insensitive person, so it didn’t begin an argument or anything of that nature (I guess he’s used to the torture).  I said “I make more money than you”.  Wrong thing to say.

I know that once that paycheck hits the checking account, it becomes our money.  And I know better than saying things like that.  I just apologized and he shrugged it off saying it wasn’t bothering him.


I did an excel spreadsheet today of our expected ins and outs based on the budget of our checking account.  

Running Balances


What you may have noticed is that we’re limited on cash for quite a few days.  We never drop below $0, but dropping below $100 is always cause for me to worry.